Shipping & Payment

All of the items/products on this website are available for sale in Greece, Europe and all of the above mentioned countries worldwide through checkout on your virtual basket.

Shipping will take place within 2 days of receiving a clear payment of your order.

Estimated delivery date, is 1-2 business days for orders shipped to Greece, 3-4 for the rest of Europe and 5-7 for the rest of the shipping countries.

A payment can be done in any of the methods listed above on

choecandles.com website.


Clear payment will be made by clicking on the "Payment" button and allowing the credit card/ debit card or PayPal transaction. In case of a cart publisher declined transaction or unauthorized payment, your placed order will be unconfirmed/ declined.

All prices are quoted in Euros. VAT is already included in all of the website's prices. The above listed are the final prices of our products.

Shipping cost is not included in the product's price until will be estimated and submitted to the total value on payment page.

During free shipping promotions, the shipping cost will be removed on the final payment page.

All CHOE products are made upon order, and therefore unforeseen circumstances may lead to a shipment delay, for which you will be forthwith notified.

In case of an unnoticed delivery delay, please contact us through the website's communication form.

CHOE doesn't hold responsibility on any delivery delays that may arise due to third party ( postage/ custom) circumstances.

In case of an unfulfilled placed order, on our liability, you will be immediately informed and fully refunded.

CHOE's shipping services are handled locally by SPEEDEX and internationally by DHL.

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